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The Wildcat is a custom Sniper rifle. It is the custom version of the G36R.


It remains full auto like the G36R. It is best used on mid range because accuracy is one of the lowest for sniper rifles, which is kind of ironic because it's a sniper rifle. Accuracy can be fixed much by upgrading the weapon. Impact is one of the lowest of all sniper rifles, so it isn't very easy to one-hit-kill enemies.

Wildcat's bonus is that it has +20% chance for doing critical hit, but it doesn't do any more damage.


This sniper rifle is probably THE ONLY sniper rifle that Gunslingers can use without much problems, as Gunslingers are barraging classes, so if you have a Gunslinger but you don't want to use duals, equip your Gunslinger with this weapon (or the G36R if you can't get the Wildcat).