Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Class Engineer
Killstreak Shotgun Turret
Aim Bot

Wesley is the main protagonist of Strike Force Heroes 3, leader of Strike Force Heroes and the first playable soldier in the game. His class is an Engineer.

He is also a Unique hero, due to his skills. He returns as the main character after being the protagonist in Strike Force Heroes 2.


Wesley is the first playable character in the game, so the highest level you can reach (Level 30) can be achieved with him the quickest (Even quicker if you have the Quick Learner utility upgrade selected in the first column). He is equipped with a Honey Badger primary assault rifle and a Five Seven secondary pistol, both default weapons of the Engineer class.

He is unique because he has no trait, instead he has the utility upgrade Energized (30% less chance to become tired) in it's place. This is good considering he's the first playable character you get to play as in the game and leveling him up a bit longer before he officially needs a rest. His current killstreak (added in version 20.8) is Aim Bot, once activated, most shots you fire upon an enemy at any parts of the body will count as a headshot which in turn deals more damage. Previously it had the Shotgun Turret in it's place, it was replaced due to unknown reasons. Also, it is unusual for Wesley, the Engineer, to have Aim Bot as his killstreak, which makes Wesley even more unique, since typically this killstreak is exclusive to the Sniper class. His flaw is Loud  - enemies can easily spot him at a long distance.


Traits Types Descriptiion
Energized Energized Utility Gets tired 30% slower after battle.
Loud Loud Flaw Enemies can spot you from further away.
Aim Bot Aim Bot Killstreak Enables aimbot, most shots are headshots for 6 seconds .


First column, utlity upgrades

Upgrades Descriptiion
Pickpocket Pickpocket +15% gold per kill.
Quick Learner Quick Learner +10% experience per kill.
A player must choose these following utility upgrades whether gaining more experience or earning more gold after every match. 

Second column, defensive upgrades

Upgrades Descriptiion
Healthy Healthy Will instantly and continuously heal you once you've taken damage.
Repair Bots Repair Bots After some time of not taking damage, you'll heal 3x fasters than the normal healing time.

Third column, offensive upgrades

Upgrades Descriptiion
Iron Grip Iron Grip Accuracy isn't reduced by firing.
Crouch Master Crouch Master Accuracy is increased more when crouching.


Wesley was the main protagonist in Strike Force Heroes 2, although his name was unknown there (it was the player's choice). One day, he came to the heroes' base in South America, but did not reveal his identity. He didn't even speak, preferring to let his guns do the talking. He was nicknamed "The Rookie" by his squadmates. He became part of a team led by General West: other members were Nathan, Dex, Jyn and Tower.

Wesley was the only hero left who wasn't captured by GlobeX and turned to a clone army leader. He then became the new commander of the South American SFH base. The Scientist launched a massive clone army to attack SFH bases around the world. Wesley then assembled a new team in order to find his squadmates and stop GlobeX. The first hero to go on missions with him was Sanchez, a female gunslinger.


  • Wesley is the first playable character in the game.
  • His body outfit is similar to engineer outfits in Strike Force Heroes 2 and is the same used by some random-generated engineers in Strike Force Heroes 3.
  • As Wesley was the main protagonist in SFH 2, his voice can be heard in that game (when using killstreaks) but not in Strike Force Heroes 3.
  • He is named after Wesley Jue, tester of the game from Sky9.

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