Volcano is a large map. It is first seen in mission 19.


Volcano has 3 rock platforms on the left side of the map and 3 more near the bottom of the map. The center area, inside the volcano, is industrial, with the rest of the map being rock. The center are has two raised platforms. The right side has a tunnel that must be accessed by crouching. In the lava on the right side, there is a hand sticking out. Hitting it with a melee weapon will reward you with a new mode and a secret achievement. To do this, you have to jump off the platform and essentially commit suicide.


There is a big ammo box powerup on the top platform second from the left, it gives you 2 clips worth of ammo. If you stand on the platform you will have a great shooting position, and ammunition to keep it going.


  • It is a reskin of the SFH map Hijack.
  • The building resembles the Facility from the first game in appearance. Its current state could be explained by the warhead hitting the building during the ending.
  • AI often fall from the platforms near the bottom of the map and kill themselves. (Probably a bug)

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