Veteran Heroes is the final Side Mission in Strike Force Heroes 3.


The player fights against leaders of GlobeX army, who were originally veterans captured by the GlobeX and reprogrammed by The Scientist. Those veterans are Wesley's former squadmates Nathan, Jyn, Dex and Tower from 4 male classes. They can also be unlocked to fight on the Heroes' side as unique heroes.


5 vs 4 Team Deathmatch played on the Street like any other side mission. Enemies all wield default weapons for their class.

Nathan: Honey Badger (Rifle)

Dex: SMAWG (Explosive rocket launcher)

Jyn: Intervention (Sniper)

Tower: Tesla (Elemental)


You can take position on upper platforms on the map and snipe. You can also launch grenades from there. Jyn's Intervention could cause some problems, as well as Dex's SMAWG since they are accurate and can reach you wherever you hide, escpecially if Jyn gets enough kills to activate Wall Hack.

Other default weapons are weak if your level is equal to enemies. Tower's Tesla is close range and if you hide on upper platforms it is harmless.

However, their levels are higher than 30, which is your hero's max if you fight them on Hard and Insane.


Random for all difficulty modes, but chances for winning rare weapons are increased with gold mark on all difficulties if you play for the first time. So replay missions on each difficulty to get more better rewards.


  • Offical description says: "Defeat the OG Heroes!"
  • All 4 enemies from this mission can also be recruited before playing this mission.
  • This is the final side mission. After this, only mission with special enemies is the final one, Devs De La Muerte.