Utility Upgrades are one of 3 Upgrade types.


Utility Upgrades are upgrades that increase various stats, including spawn time, health/ammo pickup, and experience gain. They are usable by the Engineer, Juggernaut, Sniper, Medic, Gunslinger, and Elite classes (all classes except Ninja and Mercenary). The unique heroes Wesley, Jyn , Dex, Calamity, and Mayday can also use these upgrades.

Like other two upgrade types, utility upgrades have their Equipment form that can be added to the armor. All utility upgrades that have their equipment form can also be won on the Slot Machine in their upgrade form.

List of Upgrades

Upgrade name Upgrade effect Equipment version
Charismatic Killstreaks are earned 20% quicker. None
Energized Gets tired 30% slower after battle. None
Long Lasting Killstreaks last 30% longer. None
Muscle Memory Killstreaks aren't lost on death, but are earned 50% slower. Headset
Pickpocket +15% Gold per kill. Credit Card
Quick Initiative Respawn 2 seconds faster. Drop Pod
Quick Learner +10% Exp per kill. Novice Badge
Resourceful Health/Ammo pickups give +40% health/ammo. None
Scavenger Kills return 10% ammo. None
Silent Enemies won't spot you until you are closer. Optic Camo
Spotter Attacks tag enemies, allies will attack them much. None

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