Upgrades are small skills of each hero. They have 3 variations: Offensive, Defensive and Utility. They are the smallest special abilites a soldier can have, and they are locked in the start. They can be unlocked and equipped by leveling up.


Each hero has 6 upgrades split in 3 columns. First column is unclocked at level 5, second column is unlocked at level 10, and the final, third column is unlocked at level 15. However, only 3 of 6 unlocked upgrades can be used at the same time. You have option to choose from 2 upgrades in each column and equip only one. You can change them, but you can't deactivate them totally.

Each class has a special upgrade order. Some classes can't use one type of upgrades. Upgrade types they can use depend on the role of the class. Engineer can use all 3 upgrade types.

Upgrades can also be won on the Slot Machine, but only those that have their Equipment version. Some Equipment items have same effect as upgrades: for example Pickpocket and Credit Card.


Offensive Upgrades

Defensive Upgrades

Utility Upgrades

Unique order

Unique heroes have unique order of upgrades unlike normal soldiers from their class. Fatale and Tower have all defensive upgrades being only heroes in the game with only one upgrade type possible.

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