UMP 45
UMP 45
Slot Secondary
Type SMG
Class Engineer





Blueprint No. 8
Custom Version Cleaner

The UMP 45 is a SMG.


The UMP 45 is a full auto SMG available midway through the game. It has above average damage for a SMG, but is defined by its slow Rate of Fire. It also has high accuracy for a SMG. Magazine size is average at 30 rounds.


The UMP 45 is best used at mid-to-long range, as its slow RoF makes it ineffective at close range. Use it to back up close range/high-fire-rate weapons, like Elementals and Machine Guns, and Rifles like Crazy Badger/Iron Curtain.


  • The UMP 45 was also in SFH2, appearing as the UMP.
  • In reality, the UMP 45 has a slow fire rate in order to compensate for the heavy recoil that the 45ACP round has in full auto. This is displayed in game, thanks to the UMP having the slowest ROF.

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