Traits are small abilities of each hero. They are significantly weaker than Killstreaks, that are the highest power, but unlike killstreaks they are not temporary and they can take effect at any time during battle. They are also mostly little more powerful than Upgrades, and they depend on the class. Like killstreaks, each class has 2 possible traits, while Mercenary is unique as he has 3 traits (Vital Bomb is also used by Juggernaut).

A hero can only have 1 trait from his class, along with a Flaw and a Killstreak.

List of traits










  • Mercenary is the only class that has 3 traits.
  • Some traits are actually weaker versions of killstreaks (Deflective Armor trait and "I'm The Juggernaut" killstreak, Healing Aura trait and Rapid Regen, or Inspire and Critical Boost)
  • Sniper's Aim Assist doesn't work on some weapons such as Rehab because it's accuracy is already perfect.
  • Both of Engineer's traits have effect only during killstreak time, because they buff his turrets.
  • Traits possibly evolved from the idea of skills in SFH2 and perks in SFH: Extraction, but upgrades are sometimes similar to them too.
    • Gun Play was used in SFH2 by General but with different effect.

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