Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Class Juggernaut
Killstreak Flame Armor

Tower is a unique hero of the Juggernaut class and originally a character from Strike Force Heroes 2.

Traits and Upgrades

Tower has the Flame Armor killstreak, giving himself a full set of armor and setting nearby enemies on fire for 7 seconds (Flame Armor occasionally inflicts nearby enemies with Poison), along with the Deflective Armor trait which gives him an 8% chance to reflect an enemy bullet back at him/her. All of his upgrades are defensive. His flaw is Fatigued (Gets tired 20% quicker after battle.)

Upgrade Column 1: Burn Resistant / Resistant

Upgrade Column 2: Bomb Squad / Iron Will

Upgrade Column 3: Hard Headed / Adrenaline


Tower's face is never shown. His nationality, age and identity are unknown. He was nicknamed Tower by Jyn just because his real name was unknown even to the Strike Force Heroes. Tower never says anything except undefined sentences.


  • As seen in the first cutscene, reprogrammed Tower has different armor than he had in the ending of SFH 2 when he was captured. But that same armor he had in trailers and sneak peeks before the release of SFH 2.


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at
Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at

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