The Hitman is the eight Side Mission in Strike Force Heroes 3. It sets player against a super soldier
called the Hitman.


Played on Street map. For the third time, the player goes against squad of enemy Engineers. This time one of them is a giant soldier with special powers called "The Hitman". He uses a Honey Badger with extremely high fire rate, spinning constantly and spraying bullets in both sides very fast. He also has very high health, compared to his squadmates. His AI is more intelligent, he can climb on upper platforms on the map while normally soldiers stick to the ground.


The Hitman makes this mission more difficult than others. You can't play it by sniping from higher platforms because he reaches you there too. So you must bring a soldier with high damage weapon into battle, such as SMAWG or Panzer. MK32 works well too if you spam grenades to him while he's below you. If your squadmates die a lot, play solo.


Normal: Random.

Hard: Random.

Insane: Tower, the Juggernaut


  • Possible reference to Hitman game and movies.

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