Slot Primary
Type Dual
Class Gunslinger


Special Effect "+20% critical chance"

The Tequilas is a custom dual, the custom version of the BM9.


It's special effect are that you have 20% more chance of doing critical damage. Because the gunslinger has the highest critical chance, almost every shot using the gunslinger will be a critical hit, making the tequilas one of the most useful duals weapons in the game. Other than that, impact is still medium, accuracy is great, and fire rate is improved.


Equip it with the Laser Sight to increase critical damage by 15%, because you will score a lot of criticals. This is best used at mid to long range due to the accuracy and fire rate. You also can increase fire rate with Auto Trigger, because the AI is highly aggressive with Tequilas and will actually exceed the max limt fire rate.


  • The weapon name is a reference to inspector Tequila Yuen, played by Cho Wun-fat, who is a dual weapon expert in Hard Boiled movie.
  • The Tequila can very rarely be earned after winning a level.