TAC 12
Slot Primary
Type Shotgun
Class Ninja


Blueprint No. 32
Custom Version Ice Chamber
The TAC 12 is a shotgun in SFH 3.


The TAC 12 is one of the weakest shotguns in the game. It has the lowest damage per second of all the shotguns. It has an average Rate of Fire, but extremely low accuracy, even for a shotgun. However, to sort of make up for its low DPS, it has the largest magazine of all the shotguns at 12 rounds.


Treat it like an MTS 255, but with a higher ammo clip. The range may be short, but the ammo makes up. Don't think that this shotgun is better than R870 (default) because it's really not.


  • It seems to be based on the UTAS UTS-15, rather than the TAC 12A1 shotgun, which is based on the AR-15 assault rifle.

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