Submachine Guns are a secondary weapon type along with Blades and Pistols. They can't be used by Ninja and Sniper. They are also known as SMGs.


Submachine Guns have a high rate of fire comparable to Rifles and Machine Guns. They are the fastest secondary weapons, but most of them are also inaccurate. Default SMG is the Bizon. Bizon is starter secondary for Mercenary and Juggernaut, though it can also be equipped by Engineer and Elite.

SMG List

Standard SMGs

Custom SMGs


  • In SFH 2, SMGs were primary weapons, also used by Snipers who now can't even use them as secondary.
  • In earlier versions of the game, SMGs were default secondaries for Engineer class, and Bizon could be used by Wesley right on mission 1. After V18, the default was changed to TAC 45 (Pistol).
  • None of SMGs are new, they all appeared in some form before SFH 3 in the series.
  • Uzi and FMG9 (duals) are technically SMGs (machine pistols).

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