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  • discussion page Talk:Rehab
    new comment by Wolf637
    Comment: Best... sniper.... EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • discussion page Talk:Mayday
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  • edit Acid Hound
    edited by Moapy diff
    Summary: Changed the trivia section. Added how a reference to Raze 2's Acid Hound and changed the format of the trivia about the Cobra

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    Summary: Removed some obvious things. Added a little more info in the description. Rearranged the 'Tips' in a more logical order: General tips first, then class-specific tips.
  • edit Gunslinger
    edited by Moapy diff
    Summary: Rearrange the order of the sections in a way that makes sense (Appearance next to the gallery). Rewrote some sentences and removed redundant ones.
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    Summary: Fixed up the syntax; rewrote some sentences. Added Captions.
  • discussion page Hero Spotlight: Shadow - Dual Assassin
    comment by Wolf637
    Comment: Dang your Ninja is sexy
  • discussion page Talk:Tower
    new comment by Wolf637
    Comment: Flamethrower!!

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