Strike Force Heroes is a side-scrolling shooter series created by Sky9 Games.

The development of series began in 2012, when the first Strike Force Heroes was released. The game got two sequels and one spin-off. Games are mostly web games and users don't need to pay, while Extraction is a paid mobile game.

The series have won many awards, on Armor Games first two games were awarded with "Best Shooter of the Year" in 2012 and 2014.


Strike Force Heroes

This game was the first game released by Sky9 with their new company game in late May 2012. The gameplay is similar to their earlier games from Raze series, but with different art, story and class system. The story is about members of Strike Force Heroes: Toad, Bull, Shadow, Riggs and their commander crashed on an island with soldiers infected with a nerve toxin. They get in fight against military criminal organization GlobeX in order to save The Scientist who develops a cure to wipe the infection. In the final battle, the commander fights against GlobeX Leader on the nuke and prevents it's explosion. The game has 4 classes: Medic, Commando, Assasin and Tank, and no character customization. It was released on May 31st, 2012.

Strike Force Heroes 2

The sequel continues years after events of the first game, and continues story of SFH fighting against GlobeX, but with new cast of protagonists: Nathan, Jyn, Dex, Tower and their leader West. It also continues the story of Scientist. GlobeX soldiers are revealed to be clones. Campaign is set on many new locations, including Japan and even space. The new character is a silent protagonist who can be all classes. More customization is added. The game has lot of content unlike SFH 1, new store system, slot machine and weapon attachments and armors. There are new futuristic weapons such as Elementals. There are 5 classes: Medic evolves into Engineer, Commando evolves into Mercenary, Assasin evolves into Sniper and Tank becomes Juggernaut. There is also new class General. Shields are removed from the game. It was released on March 21st, 2013.

Strike Force Heroes: Extraction

The first and only spin off game in the series so far. Unlike other SFH games, it is a runner game combined with shooting. Campaign includes levels with new firing from cover system and helicopter chases. It is a prequel to SFH 2, set one year before. The story includes protagonists from SFH 2, but also huge amount of new characters. Game goal is to break into GlobeX headquarters and run away with intel, but with many enemies on your way. There are no classes, but each character has flaw and two perks and can use all weapons. The game was released for iOS on November 21, 2013.

Strike Force Heroes 3

The newest game in the series. It has double more content, missions and challenges. It is a direct sequel to SFH 2 and continues its story with a plot-twist when the Scientist becomes the new leader of GlobeX and former SFH members are turned into his army leaders. It continues story of the protagonist from SFH 2, who is revealed to be Wesley, who needs to save them and destroy GlobeX. Unlike other games, there is no dialogue and story telling during missions, but there is 3x more missions and more game modes. Players can recruit heroes, assemble own squads and fight each other by Squad Codes. There are also unique heroes, who are characters from SFH 2 and Extraction. There are 8 classes, including Medic from SFH 1 and new classes like Ninja and Gunslinger (evolved from General) and Elite. It was released on June 24th, 2015.

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