Squad Codes are special codes of each squad in the game (or 1 soldier). This feature is unique to Strike Force Heroes 3. They can be found above the squad or soldier before entering any mission. Each squad has unique codes that can change if the weapon, character, equipment etc. is changed.

Squad codes can be copied and pasted in custom game to fight against them.


Squad codes are usually long, although their length depends on how much heroes are in the squad. All codes start with SFH3, then [, then unique combination of signs and end with ]. Although originally, when each squad code gets created, it starts with SFH3, this part can be changed to any 4 signs on the keyboard and the code will be unaffected.

How to use

When you create a squad, click copy code button near the code. The code can be found above your squad/hero before starting any mission. Then you can share the code by pasting it anywhere. If you want to fight anybody else's squad code, first copy it with right mouse if it's outside of the game screen. Enter "custom game" in the mission briefing area and switch from "AI bots" to "Squad Code". Paste the code in the bar below and enter the game to fight against the squad from the code. You will have to use Ctrl + V paste method because anything else doesnt work, since it's inside the game screen.

If the code is incorrectly copied/pasted or invalid, red warning letters will appear. Sometimes the game won't work but red letters won't appear (it is unknown why that happens, most likely it's a bug)


Actual names of soldiers you fight against won't be shown. Instead they will be named EnemySquad1, EnemySquad2, EnemySquad3, EnemySquad4 and EnemySquad5. This is since version 16.

Glitches and changes

  • Before version 16 (really old version of the game), none of the codes worked. This was fixed after changing enemy's names into EnemySquad1, 2, written above
  • Codes were changed with version 20.8 to be more compatible in comment system because before some codes would get corrupted.


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