Slot machine

The Slot Machine.

Slot Machine is a feature in Store. It gives player free awards. You need funds to spin the machine. There are chances you will get an award, but it doesn't happen always.

Types of awards

Feast - All heroes are healed for 1 day. This works for tired, injuried or critical states.

Money - More funds, always double of the cost of one slot machine spin.

Weapon - A weapon you get can be normal, refined, flawless, perfect or custom. Custom weapons are considered the best. The player won't get a weapon if he hasn't unlocked that specific blueprint.

Weapon mod - Attachments which can also be bought in normal shop.

Armor mod - Equipment which can also be bought in normal shop.

Gross - This is a failure. It rewards you with Poop Items that include old video games, comic books and even real poop. These items cannot be taken but can be sold (but have very low price).

Icon Reward description Reward 

Any Poop Item (cannot be taken).

Armor Mod Any Equipment item.
Weapon Mod Any weapon Attachment.
Weapon! Any Normal or Broken weapon.
Refined! Any Refined weapon.
Flawless! Any Flawless weapon.
Perfect! Now THAT'S a weapon!

Any Custom weapon.

(This is the rarest prize)

Feast All heroes healed by 1 day.
Funds Additional Funds (depends on level)



  • Sometimes, but very rare, there can be a match of three same signs without reward.


  • "A winner is you", one of the messages that appear on the machine screen before spinning it, is a reference to NES game Pro Wrestling, where that message would appear after a victorious fight. This is most likely due to poor grammar of those old games.
  • Another message, "Just do it" might be a reference to Nike slogan, or Shia LaBeouf's motivational speech that became a meme in 2015.


  • When the game is paused, digital screen on the machine goes blank.
  • Gross sign is actually a Doodie, which is one of three possible Poop Items.
  • Poop Items are exclusive to Slot Machine.
  • Flawless weapon sign is the symbol of Sky9 Games.
  • Normal/Broken weapon sign is one Judge magnum.
  • Attachments and Equipment items are called Weapon and Armor mods.
  • In Strike Force Heroes 2, there were rare "Doodie Guns" that were extremely powerful, such as the Doodie Launcher and the Sheep Cannon. However, it seems this feature is disabled.
  • $800 dollars is the max that you can pay for a spin on the wheel.

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