Sky9 Games is a video game making company headed by Justin Goncalves. They are the creators of Strike Force Heroes 3 flash game in Strike Force Heroes series. Their another flash game franchise Raze has won many awards, with over 120 million plays worldwide. They made many big flash games in the past, but they are also creators of Strike Force Heroes:Extraction for mobile phones, and now they moved to make games for consoles and Steam, first being sequel to the flash game A Knight's Quest, which means SFH 3 is possibly their final, and biggest flash game.


Justin Goncalves, programmer, 2011-present

Michael Sleva, artist, 2011-present

Addison Rodomista, artist, 2011-2014

List of games published

Name of the game Year
Vector Effect 2009
Raze 2010
A Knight's Quest - Quest for Milk 2011
Siegius 2011
Raze 2 2011
Strike Force Heroes                                  2012
Siegius Arena 2012
Strike Force Heroes 2 2013
Strike Force Heroes:  Extraction 2013
Raze 3 2014
Strike Force Heroes 3 2015
A Knight's Quest: Spirit Shield 2016

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