Side Missions in SFH3 are missions not part of the campaign but that instead provide unique challenges.

List of Side Missions

  1. Doctors Of Doom: Available after mission 4. Unlocks Medic class (Normal) and Unique Medic hero (Insane).
  2. Reverse PerfectionAvailable after mission 8. Unlocks Unique Gunslinger hero (Insane).
  3. Ninja NightsAvailable after mission 12. Unlocks Ninja class (Normal), Unique Ninja hero (Insane).
  4. Raze ProtocolAvailable after mission 16. Everyone has ALL possible traits.
  5. Rocket Race 4.0Available after mission 20. Unlocks Mercenary class (Normal), Unique Mercenary hero (Insane).
  6. Going StreakingAvailable after mission 24. Unlocks Unique Engineer hero (Insane).
  7. Watch Your BackAvailable after mission 28. Unlocks Sniper class (Normal), Unique Sniper hero (Insane).
  8. The HitmanAvailable after mission 32. Unlocks Unique Juggernaut hero (Insane).
  9. Elemental FuryAvailable after mission 36. Unlocks Elite class (Normal), Unique Elite hero (Insane).
  10. Next GenerationAvailable after mission 40. The Best of the Best.
  11. Veteran HeroesAvailable after mission 44. Defeat the OG heroes (SFH2 heroes).
  12. Devs De La MuerteAvailable after mission 48. Defeat the creators of the game, Mike & Justin.

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