Shotgun Turret

Shotgun Turret is a killstreak used by Engineer class and the first killstreak in game because it is used by Wesley, the first playable soldier.


The Shotgun Turret requires 5 kills to activate.

When the Shotgun Turret is activated, a small turret drops to the ground with a mounted gun which shoots every enemy in it's range. However its range is short. Much like any shotgun rifle, Shotgun Turret isn't good at long range. It lasts 10 seconds then it explodes. It is, most likely, the replacement to the Sentry Turret from Strike Force Heroes 2.

Shotgun Turret in game


Shotgun Turret is a small blue turret, with 4 legs and shotgun cannon extension, which rises up after the turret is activated (after the turret opens).


  • It was the first possible killstreak that could be activated, until Wesley's killstreak was changed to Aim Bot, due to unknown reasons.