Scavenger is an Utility Upgrade, and potentially the most powerful one.

It has an Equipment version, but it cannot be bought at the shop, only won at the Slot Machine. When you kill an enemy, it fully replenishes your ammo (not your current magazine unless your weapon never reloads). 

Dex the Mercenary can use Scavenger, and it is unlocked after unlocking first slot on level 5.


  • If your Hero has this Upgrade you are very lucky. Else, try to win it at the Slot Machine.
  • If your weapon needs to reload, combine this with the Drum Mag Attachment and you will never run out of ammo as long as you kill enemies.
  • Elemental Weapons do not benefit much because they have a lot of ammunition, but it works well with most other weapons.
  • With a powerful weapon (and Drum Mag if it would need to reload), Scavenger is EXTREMELY OVERPOWERED, you can become almost untouchable, your ammo becomes practically infinite.


  • Before version 20.8, which fixed many glitches, Scavenger didn't work.