Sawed off
Slot Primary
Type Dual
Class Gunslinger


Blueprint No. 23
Custom Version Hand Cannons
The Sawed-Off Dual is a weapon for the Gunslinger and the Ninja classes. Their custom versions are the Hand Cannons.


The Sawed-Off duals are basically sawed-off shotguns. As a result, these weapons fire multiple bullets. Their damage is quite high, killing an enemy in 1 or 2 hits. Their range is also decent, despite the fact that real life sawed-offs are short ranged.

However, their biggest flaw is the ammo. (4 rounds) This makes sense, since 1 sawed-off shotgun can have a maximum of 2 rounds, and these are duals, so there are 4 rounds only. Accuracy can also be a problem, but with multi-fire, it doesn't exactly matter. Reloading speed is very slow too.


These weapons, especially their custom counterparts, are recommended to use with Laser Sight weapon-mod, since it increases critical damage. Gunslingers have the highest critical chance, and with multi-shot weapons there's a much higher chance (x5 more), and the laser-sight increases all the damage. This will result in taking about only one shot to finish off an enemy.

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