Sanchez is a female Gunslinger unlocked after mission 1. She is the second hero available to the player.

Traits and upgrades

Sanchez's killstreak is Critical Boost, which increases squadmates' critical chance for 50%. Her trait is Inspire. She has Unhealthy flaw. Which means she will never regenerate health unless you activate Healthy / Repair Bots / Nanomachines.


Sanchez has unique upgrade order for a Gunslinger. Instead of having offensive skills in the second column, she has defensive and she doesn't have offensive skills at all, which makes her weaker with firepower than other Gunslingers. 

Upgrade Column 1Quick Learner / Energized

Upgrade Column 2Resistant / Lucky

Upgrade Column 3Energized / Long Lasting


  • She is the second and one of the two heroes (with Wesley) with unique name that is not randomly generated. Every hero recruited after her will have randomly generated appearance and name, except unique heroes.
  • Although she doesn't have unique appearance, she is technically an unique hero too, due to her defensive skill slot and because she is the second hero to be recruited.
  • If the two Energized upgrades are selected, them effects won't stack.