Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Class Knight
Killstreak "I'm the Juggernaut"

Rusty is a special unique hero character added in version 20.8 as a free hero. He was added by the developers to promote their new game Knight's Quest, where he is the protagonist. An entirely new class was made exclusively for him, called Knight. He is the most special character in the game, as he uses two secondary weapons and has Traits instead of skills.

Traits and upgrades

Being a Knight, he uses two secondary weapons, both Blades. He starts with two Knives. He is unique because he has traits instead of skills. His killstreak is "I'm The Juggernaut", which is a possible reference to a DotA 2 meme: I'm the Juggernaut, b*tch!, starring the character named Yurnero killing everybody on screen with his blade (Rusty uses blades only).

Like Wesley, Rusty has Energized utility upgrade instead of a trait, but he has 6 traits instead of upgrades. His flaw is Unlucky, which means that there are +5% more chances a shot on him will be critical.

List of traits

Column 1 (level 5): Explosive Temper / Status Proof

Column 2 (level 10):  Matrix DodgeDeflective Armor

Column 3 (level 15):  Chameleon / Vital Bomb


Rusty's face is unique, because he is not actually a character from SFH series. He has different eyes, nose, ears and smile on his face (that nobody else has). Rusty's green skin in unique, as he turns into a ghost and becomes transparent. Yellow combination also changes color of his hair to gold.

How to unlock

Currently, Rusty is only available in the version 20.8, which is now on Armor Games. The advertisment for Knight's Quest appears in Missions screen, and by clicking New Knight Hero you get Rusty like all other Unique heroes.

Rusty is now also available on NotDoppler and not just Armor games.


  • In Heroes screen, Rusty holds his blades the same way casual soldiers hold their rifles, although in-gameplay, he holds both secondary and primary the same way casual soldiers hold blades.
  • Rusty can only use firearms in gun game.