Rocket Race 4.0 is the fifth side mission in campaign, unlocked after Mission 20.


Played on Street. Game mode is normal Gun Game, so there are no teams. Only one hero can fight. Enemies are 5 Mercenaries. Weapons in this gun game are mostly those which ignite or cause fire, or Explosive weapons. Among them is Bad News (golden version of Microwave which is never present in standard gun games, Betsy (Mercenary's killstreak weapon and a powerful cannon) and its custom version Golden Betsy.


This is gun game, so the class weapons aren't importrant. Juggernaut is the best choice - there are many explosions and ignitions and Juggernauts' high health and defensive traits is most likely to stand against it.


Normal: Mercenary class (can be recruited right after playing, later the reward becomes random)

Hard: Random.

Insane: Dex, the unique hero.


  • Rocket Race is possibly named after the song in SFH 3 which is also featured in almost all Sky9's games (Raze, Raze 2, Strike Force Heroes, Strike Force Heroes 2)
  • Golden Betsy is exclusive to this and Reverse Perfection mission.
  • Rocket Race has been a mission in all 4 SFH games, which explains why it is "4.0"

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