Raze Protocol is the fourth Side Mission in the game, unlocked after Mission 16.


Setting is the Street. Game mode is Team Deathmach, 4 vs 4. The player fights against team of enemy Engineers. Their weapons are random.

Every soldier in the match, including enemies, has all possible traits. Traits are small special abilities of a class. Each class has 2 traits (Mercenary has 3). In this mission, everybody has all traits.

All traits can be viwed on this page: Traits.


Out of all these the most effective trait is Chameleon, since you become invisible, but don't rely on that. You may have troubles with finding enemies but if you launch grenades/snipe with accurate Explosive from higher platforms, this can be won quickly. The MK32 grenade launcher is best for this, due to high RoF and 12 round magazine.

Because all enemies are Engineers, they have advantage from all traits (Heavy Deployment and Guidance System work only for Engineer's turrets). Therefore Engineer is also the best class to use for this mission.

In this mission you also have Energy Ammo trait. If you are playing this for the first time and wondering what that is, it is one of two traits of Elite class, which prevents you from picking up ammo from pick ups, but you gain rounds automatically, but slow. Therefore it is recommended to use weapons with big amount of ammo, and huge clips, such as MK32/Bam Bam.

You also have another Elite's trait Liquid Coating, which increases chance to affect enemies with elements, so an Experimental weapon, or any weapon that has chance to affect enemies, will be good. However, everybody also has Status Proof trait, so status effects/elements expire quick.

Just try to use weapons and classes that get great advantage from all traits.


Random for all difficulties, but increased chances for rare weapons/better reward if played for first time.


  • Raze is name for another shooter game developed by Sky9 Games. It was probably named this way because in Raze, there are no classes.
  • This is not the only reference to Raze. There is also Future Soldier secret reference, which shows body parts of deceased character from Raze, needed to unlock secret medals.
  • Raze is also a possible enemy name.