Rail Gun
Slot Primary
Type Experimentals
Class Elite


Blueprint No. 55
Custom Version Fortune's 500

The Rail Gun is an Experimental weapon for the Elite and the Sniper class. It is the final weapon unlocked in the game.


The Rail Gun is actually a futuristic Sniper rifle. It deals heavy damage. It has the best range, being able to take out enemies off-screen. Accuracy is also it's best strength. It is the easiest experimental to score headshots with. Headshot usually means one shot kill. 

Rail Gun works by firing a long ray of electricity. Every shot has chance to affect enemies with electricity. Electricity works by increasing damage done to the target it affected, from all sources. Although electricity doesn't do much damage as other status effects, if the weapon has high level, it will be needless because you will often score one shot kills.

There are no reloads, instead there is one big magazine, like in every other experimental weapon. Pick up ammo often, but if you have Elite with Energy Ammo, just don't fire much and take breaks behind covers while waiting for ammo to regenerate.


It is possibly the best Experimental Weapon out there, and definitely the best one to equip a Sniper with. Great accuracy allows you to often score headshots, if you use it properly.

This weapon is deadly if used during Wall Hack. It has increased vision in small amount.

Although it leaves electric explosions wherever it hits, it is totally harmless to you and your allies. It makes the weapon more effective and easier to use, unlike most of other elementals, like Pulse Rifle. Therefore, it is more recommended to use than the Pulse Rifle or Futurama.

Burst Module is the best attachment, although it has more effect with Rail Gun's custom version, Fortune's 500.

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