Slot Primary
Type Shotgun
Class Ninja


Blueprint No. 31
Custom Version Defriender

R870 is the default Shotgun for Ninja class, but it can also be used by Juggernauts. R870's custom version is the highly improved Defriender.


It does medium damage. It has a long range for a shotgun, so it can be used for close to mid range combat. The only shotgun that has longer range than R870 is it's custom version, Defriender which has +30% extended range. However with Advanced Rifling attachment, the range extends for 20%, so you can use this shotgun for long range battles even before you get the Defriender.

R870's main weakness is accuracy, but still, there are some shotguns with far worse accuracy (for example, TAC 12). Ammo per clip is poor. Reloading time is very long, but the user always puts single bullet into the weapon which allows you to stop the reloading proccess and fire.

It has a great push force, being able to push the soldier on death across the entire map.


The R870 is one of the best standard shotguns. Later in the game, you will unlock TAC 12, but that weapon is much less effective due to it's bad accuracy, much shorter range and impact. It is best to keep R870 with both classes until you get it's custom version, the Defriender.

Ninjas can score many stealth kills with this, especially with the Chameleon trait which makes her invisible. However, the trait works only when the Ninja is away from the enemy and not firing, so shotguns don't have much effect there. However, R870's long range makes this job easy. You can easily one-shot-kill most of lower level enemies and Snipers. This weapon is also the best choice for the Juggernaut.

Advanced Rifling helps to improve the range, which is the longest out of all shotguns even without that attachment. If you think reloadings take too much time, you can modify it with the Drum Mag, but that way you also lose 30% of ammo.


  • This weapon is based on the Remington Model 870 shotgun (R870 shorter).
  • Name of this weapon is shortened like this in many other games.
  • The R870 also appears in Strike Force Heroes 2, also as the default weapon, but for the Juggernaut.

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