This is the Projects page. It will display a list of current categories and pages that need editing. If you post something here, please provide a description of what needs to be done. Thanks.

Weapons that need images

Currently there are many pages without weapon images. It's very importrant to have images because that's why people mostly come here: to see something that they haven't unlocked yet. If you want to upload a weapon image, please take a full shot including stats. Weapons that need images are:

Stun BatonTAC 45Desert EagleUMP45MTARTavorARX 160AK12FAL OSWPeacekeeperGL06PanzerM202JudgeSawed-OffG36RInterventionL115MK14R870USAS 12SAWHMG50TeslaAcid HoundLiquifierSub ZeroIon CannonRail GunFuturamaPrecision Shot.


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