Precision Shot
Slot Primary
Type Experimental
Class Elite


Special Effect "+30% Critical Chance"

Precision Shot is a custom Experimental Weapon, the custom version of DSR1.


It has +30% critical chance. Each critical shot does more damage, so this is a big improvement. DSR1 has low impact (although it's the highest from experimental weapon class), but with criticals it is easier to kill the enemy. Grenades are still the same: they travel fast, have good accuracy, and long range, but they don't have any elemental power (unlike the rest of custom Experimentals).


This weapon is good for both classes. Laser Sight is the best attachment, because it adds +15% damage to critical shots, and you will get many of them with Precision Shot.

It is dangerous for use in close combat, so a powerful close range weapon (blades are recommended) works the best. You need to aim well, because grenades can often bounce off walls and get back to you. So a powerful SMG with close-mid range power like Righteous Bizon is the best secondary choice.

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