is a status effect. It works similar to Fire. The elemental weapon which always causes poison is the Acid Hound. Elemental rounds that give weapon chance to poison enemies are Poison Rounds.


Poison causes enemy to lose health while being affected, similar to Fire, however, poison lasts 12 seconds, which is long period of time. But health decrease goes very slow, but fast enough to kill the enemy if he/she is below 10% HP. When a soldier is poisoned, the body and weapon glow in light green.

While being affected by the poison, the soldier can also get critical hits, even though he isn't being hit. Strangely, soldiers affected by poison can also get headshots. 


If a weapon fires projectiles with chance to affect enemies with poison, it is written "Chance to poison enemies" below it. If it poisons enemies with every shot, it is written "Poisons enemies"


Deadly Shurikens, Flame Armor (Flame Armor inflicts fire AND poison on enemies).

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