Slot Primary
Type Explosive
Class Mercenary


Blueprint No. 43
Custom Version Tank Buster

Panzer is an Explosive Weapon and a rocket launcher in SFH 3.


The Panzer is a rocket launcher that fires homing rockets. It has lower damage than the SMAWG, and the rockets are slower, but its homing capability allows for greater accuracy. These rockets are same as those in Engineer's Rocket Sentry.

Reloading speed is low, like with any other rocket launcher and it is also single shot so its totally not for use in close combat battles, you can also kill yourself very easily.


The Panzer is best used with a close range secondary to avoid suicide. Because rockets are really slow, if enemy fires from Panzer at you, you can dodge them, or deflect them with the Katana. Giving Panzer the Drum Mag gives it unlimited ammo and you don't reload (due to a bug). The bug also works with other Explosive rocket launchers.

If enemy are invisible, use Panzer to find where that guy is.


  • The Panzer seems to be the spiritual successor to the Stinger of SFH and SFH 2.
  • Panzer in german means armor. It was name for series of tanks first produced in World War 2, so it's name is connected to it's golden version's name Tank Buster.