Old Yeller
Slot Primary
Type Shotgun
Class Juggernaut


Special Effect "Ignites enemies"

The Old Yeller is a custom shotgun. It is the custom version of the MTS 255.


It automatically ignites the opponent when he/she is hit. The Fire effect is useful against adrenaline enemies or targets who aren't instantly killed by OHK (One Hit Kill) shotguns. It is advised to use at close quarter combat, since this shotgun has the shortest range, but the highest impact. It's also good to reload often, since the clip size is the tiniest of all shotguns (only 3 rounds).


Recommended to be used with Advanced Rifling, increasing much-needed range.  Another great attachment is Extended Mag, so that you can shoot more. Old Yeller is great for Ninjas with Chameleon, as you can easily assassinate enemies in one shot with this shotgun, especially if the Ninja is high/max level. This weapon is not recommended for Juggernauts, because unlike Ninjas with Chameleon, Juggernauts are slower and cannot become invisible, and therefore you would have a hard time trying to kill enemies if you combine a Juggernaut with this shotgun.

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