Offensive upgrades are an Upgrade type that boost offensive power of the hero.


Offensive Upgrades are upgrades that increase stats like damage, accuracy, and fire rate. They are usable by the Engineer, Sniper, Mercenary, Gunslinger, and Ninja classes. The unique heroes Wesley, Nathan, Jyn, Dex, Calamity, and Evelynn can also use these upgrades.

Like other two upgrade types, offensive upgrades have their Equipment form that can be added to the armor. All offensive upgrades that have their equipment form can also be won on the Slot Machine in their upgrade form.

List of Upgrades

Upgrade name Upgrade effect Equipment version
Confidence Always do +10% damage, but reduce health by 10%. None
Crouch Master Accuracy is increased more when crouching. Tripod
Extreme Focus After 1.5 seconds of not firing, your next shot does +30% damage. None
Iron Grip Accuracy is not reduced by firing. Diazepam
Kill Stealer Do +10% damage to enemies not targeting you. Targeting CPU
Rage Do up to +10% damage based on how low your life is. None
Steady Aim Accuracy is not reduced by moving or jumping None
Tactical Reolad Fire rate is increased by 30% after reloading Tactical Ammo

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