Next Generation is the 10th and penultimate side mission in Strike Force Heroes 3. Enemies th
ere are four females, originally from SFH: Extraction.


Teams are 4 vs 4, Street map. Your enemies are Mayday, Calamity, Evelynn and Fatale, who turned against you probably because they are GlobeX clones, or brainwashed by them. They are very high level, but use default weapons for their class.

Mayday - MK48 (Machine Gun)

Calamity - BM9 (Dual)

Evelynn - R870 (Shotgun)

Fatale - Ion Cannon (Experimental)


You can use classic sniping from higher platforms method, or wait until they come to you then quickly kill them with rocket/grenade launcher. Calamity's BM9s have very slow fire rate and Fatale has the ion cannon which has very close range so you shouldn't have problems with them. But remember that on Insane, these have high level.


Random, but increased chance for custom weapons/better rewards for all three difficulties if you win it for first time.


  • All four characters from this mission can be recruited as unique heroes.
  • All four characters from this mission are unique heroes of the 4 new classes (since the surviving classes that came from SFH2 were Engineer, Mercenary, Juggernaut, and Sniper, and the new classes were Gunslinger (which replaced General), Ninja, Medic, and Elite.

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