Sfh 3 mercenary
Wolf637 Mercenary

Mercenary is a male class, and one of eight classes. They use Explosives and Machine Guns.

They can't use Pistol secondary weapons.


Mercenary is a highly offensive class. They can deal lot of damage with explosives and machine guns. They start with a default SMAWG. Mercenaries work best alone, because they use Explosive weapons, just like Engineers, which can harm their teammates, or themselves. Because of that you shouldn't fire grenades from grenade launchers massively near your squadmates. Mercenaries are the second most tankiest characters in the game, Juggernaut being the most tankiest. 

Mercenaries can use two killstreaks: Betsy and Ghost Weapon. Betsy is a powerful cannon with high ammo and long range. Ghost Weapon magically gives another weapon to the mercenary which is invisible to the player, so every shot actually fires two shots. This is highly recommended for use with machine guns, but doesn't work with rocket launchers.


Mercenaries are usually shirtless and always have large, muscly bodies. They are the biggest soldiers on battlefield, second only to Juggernaut. They can have a beret, or hairs like Engineer and Sniper. Dex is the only hero in the game who has a beard.


Explosive Temper: increases rate of fire by 25% when health is below 40%

Status Proof: Status effects expire 2x quicker

Unique hero

Dex is a former member of Strike Force Heroes 2 team and unique mercenary.



A mercenary that have an upgrade that counter his flaw

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