Maps are battlefields in the game, where every battle is played. There are 13 maps in Strike Force Heroes 3. Each with a different theme and look. They can be found in campaign, quickmatches, side missions, daily mission, and custom games.


Maps in SFH3 are set on many locations across the world, and they are split into industrial area, urban area, jungle (forest) area, desert area and snowy area. In the campaign, maps are locations of GlobeX activity, and the SFH are sent to those locations to eliminate them.

In the first phase of the game, player fights on many different maps, but later old maps start appearing in the game again. Some maps appear very late in the game, like Ice Caverns. Map Street is location of all existing side missions, and the final battle, however, it is rarely battle location in the main campaign.

Some maps share similar backgrounds, which indicates they are set on the same location (Ice Caverns, Factory, Canyon and Gorge are connected).

Enviromental effects

Although most parts of the map can't be destructed or changed by soldiers in the battle, there are some effects that are usually used to take advantage in battle. Those effects mostly lift soldiers or make them jump higher. There is also desert wind feature in Canyon and Gorge deserts, which carries dead bodies away. 


Water is a common part of the enviroment. There are few lakes in jungle maps. There is also rain in the Street and Caves. However, water is harmless to soldiers, even if you crouch and dive entirely into it you won't lose breath. Only exception is the Frigate map, which is a huge ship sailing in the ocean, so falling off from it is instant death. Bugs and fishes can be found moving in jungle lakes.

Enviromental hazards

Some enviromental effects can kill or wound the player. On most maps, those traps are pits or holes that instantly kill soldiers if they fall in. Holes can be avoided, but it is neccessary to cross them on maps Factory and Gorge. That can make gameplay harder. Low level enemies often kill themselves because they can't cross gaps. Lava in Volcano map also instantly kills. Magnet in the Junkyard electrocutes and instantly kills everybody when touched. Frigate map is constantly moving, and falling off results in soldier drowning in the water.

However, some maps are free from enviromental hazards, but they are mostly small (Street, Frigate).


List of maps

Name Missions

Enviromental hazards



Yes (Electric hole)


Yes (Electric magnet)


Yes (Pit)


Yes (Pit)








Yes (Sea)


Yes (Lava)


 Yes (Both ends of the map)



Ice Caverns

Temple No

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