MTS 255
Slot Primary
Type Shotgun
Class Ninja


Blueprint No. 33
Custom Version Old Yeller

The MTS 255 is a Shotgun in SFH3.


The MTS 255 has the highest damage of the shotgun class, second only to it's custom version, the Old Yeller. Rate of Fire, Range, and Accuracy are low, and magazine size is 3, but it shouldn't take more than two shots to kill an enemy.


The MTS 255 is one of the few weapons in the game capable of one shot kills. Use ammo sparingly, as you only have 9 rounds.


  • It seems to be the spiritual successor to the Judgement shotgun of SFH2.
  • The in-game MTS-225 unrealistically has 3 chambers in its cylinder, which is half of the real life's 6 chambers.

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