Slot Primary
Type Explosive
Class Mercenary


Blueprint No. 45
Custom Version Bennett's Doom

M202 is an Explosive Weapon used by Engineer and Mercenary. It is a rocket launcher, but fires 4 rockets.


The M202 has 4 tubes equipped with 4 missiles, but they have slow traveling speed. They have the highest fire rate of all Explosives. In few seconds you can easily fire all rockets. They are also on full auto. Only MK32 grenade launcher has full auto in Explosive category.


Mid to long range only, close range combat with M202 could result in suicide. Once you get it's custom version Bennet's Doom there is no need to use M202 anymore.


  • It was called "Commando" in all other SFH games. But M202 is the real life name for this weapon.

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