Slot Primary
Type Sniper
Class Sniper


Blueprint No. 27
Custom Version Farsight
The Lynx is a Sniper rifle.


Lynx is actually used to destroy materials, so it has the highest damage per second of its weapon type. It makes powerful sound when the shot is fired, unlike any other sniper. However, damage per shot is lower than most of other sniper. It has average accuracy and low fire rate, like any other sniper. It normally has 6 rounds per magazine.

It has the longest range of all sniper rifles, and that could be very useful if it had better accuracy.


Lynx is a powerful weapon, but lacks great accuracy like other snipers. However, you can kill somebody running away that is out of your sights. Lynx's custom version Farsight does that better than anything else.


  • Based on Gepard GM-6 Lynx, anti-armor sniper rifle produced in Hungary.
  • It seems to be the spiritual successor of the Barrett sniper rifle in SFH1 and SFH2. Both weapons have high damage, yet low accuracy.

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