is a flaw.

It makes the soldier easier to spot on further distances, by enemies. It means that off-screen enemies can spot you and fire at you before you even notice them. This flaw can be fixed by adding/unlocking upgrades or equipment. Silent utility upgrade and Optic Camo work opposite of this flaw. However, the soldier still won't have the power from those two upgrades, instead it will just fix the loud flaw. 

Snipers with this flaw have a big disadvantage, because sometimes it makes hunting and defending objectives harder. This flaw has little effect on Juggernauts, because they are close range class.

This is the most frequent flaw used by unique heroes. 3 unique heroes have this flaw: WesleyJyn and Calamity.


  • This is the first flaw that can be experienced in the game (used by Wesley, the starter hero).

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