Standard weapon Custom weapon
Knife First Blood
Club Sky9 Iron
Axe Big Willy
Katana Hattori Hanzo
Stun Baton Sick Stick


Standard weapon Custom weapon
Five Seven Popper
TAC 45 45 Tactical
Desert Eagle Jericho
P99 Licence To Kill
Crossbow Bolt Sticker

Submachine Guns

Standard weapon Custom weapon
Bizon Righteous Bizon
Vector Greaser
P90 RCP 90
UMP45 Cleaner
MTAR Tavor


Standard weapon Custom weapon
Honey Badger Crazy Badger
XM8A1 Harbinger
ARX 160 Future Soldier
AK12 Iron Curtain
FAL OSW Peacekeeper


Standard weapon Custom weapon
GL06 Thumper
MK32 Bam Bam
SMAWG Dragon's Breath
Panzer Tank Buster
M202 Bennett's Doom


Standard weapon Custom weapon
BM9 Tequilas
Judge Executioners
Sawed-Off Hand Cannons
Uzi Avengers



Standard weapon Custom weapon
Lynx Farsight
G36R Wildcat
Intervention Rehab
L115 AWP
MK14 Marksman


Standard weapon Custom weapon
TAC 12 Ice Chamber
R870 Defriender
MTS 255 Old Yeller
DB12 Boomstick 2.0
USAS 12 Closing Time

Machine Guns

Standard weapon Custom weapon
MK48 LAW Giver
Vulcan Raven
XMG Mobile Turret
HMG50 Ratatouille


Standard weapon Custom weapon
Tesla Edison's Bane
Flame Thrower Afterburner
Acid Hound Liquifier
Freeze Ray Sub Zero
Microwave Bad News


Standard weapon Custom weapon
Ion Cannon Paralyzer
Laser Cutter Decimator
Pulse Rifle Futurama
DSR1 Precision Shot
Rail Gun Fortune's 500

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