Slot Secondary
Type Blade
Class Engineer






Blueprint No. 14
Custom Version Hattori Hanzo

Katana is a Blade secondary weapon. It can deflect projectiles and it's the only weapon with that power except its custom version, the Hattori Hanzo.


Katana is a silver sword with powerful impact. It is amazing and different than other blades because it can deflect bullets. When you swing it, a circle appears around you identical to the shield of killstreak I'm The Juggernaut. If anybody fires to you in the moment when the shield appears the bullet or the projectile will be deflected back to the enemy. Try to deflect bullets only from sniper rifles, explosives, or other weapons that have low fire rate because weapons with high RoF can hit you between swings.

Only disadvantage of katana is the low fire rate. If you want to pass missions only with melee weapons, choose katana. Katana is a great secondary weapon which you can use as primary.You can even use it when running a flag. Just don't use it if the enemy is trying to run away, unless he is shooting at you.


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