Junkyard is a map in SFH 3. It is the setting of Mission 3.


A medium sized map. It is set in a car junkyard, during the night. In the middle, there are rock platforms. In the background can be seen lots of ruined cars

Enviromental effects

In the center of the map, there is a high blue column which lifts the player up if they stand on it. This is because of the crane, which holds a giant magnet that lifts up everything. The speed of going up is very low, so don't rely on that while trying to escape from enemy attacks. To lift yourself up, you need to stand in the center, and only one movement out of it makes you fall down. Falling from the big height will crack your legs and immobilize you for few seconds. You will also lose small amount of health.

Enviromental hazards

On the top of the magnetic column there is an electrified magnet which kills everybody instantly after touching. AI allies and enemies usually never get killed by that, because just jumping over the gap on the top doesn't make them touch the magnet and die. 

Pick-up locations

There is an Armor pack located below magnet (be careful when picking it) and a health pack in the bottom of the column.


Set a Rocket Sentry in the bottom of the column, it can cover a lot of the map with homing rockets. Range of these rockets nearly reaches the magnet on the top. If you use a Ninja with Chameleon, you can quickly slide down the column and ambush the unaware enemy, and kill him with a shotgun. Enemies mostly spread over the entire map.


  • Junkyard is the reskin of Strike Force Heroes 2 map Factory, which was a factory where GlobeX produced clones. The column in the center was a place where the clones were lifted up, and if you hit the top you wouldn't die but find a secret room.
  • As the Junkyard is similar to SFH 2's factory, which was destroyed by the giant mech during the final level, this map could actually be the remains of the building itself, now being used as a scrap heap. The powerful electromagnet would also explain how the clones were lifted up.
  • This is one of 3 maps set during night time, other two being Street and Temple.

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