Iron Man is a medal, achieved after taking 100,000 damage as a Juggernaut.


Strategy 1: (WARNING: It is the quickest way but may cause you to lose a game if you are not careful): Since it takes 100,000 of any form of damage to achieve this medal the quickest way to achieve this, strangely, is by falling off the map repetitively as a Lvl 30 Jugg until the achievement shows up. Remember to get some kills between every 2 suicides to lengthen the game and to prevent losing. Repeat the same 5 v 5 Team Deathmatch with the same suicide spree if necessary.

Strategy 2: (Involves less suicides but is slower): Fall off the map 3 times in 5 v 5 Team Deathmatch. Then let an enemy shoot the player for a bit then kill him with a Defriender. Requires Lvl 30 Juggernaut and 2-5 star Defriender. Keep doing the same cycle until the achievement shows up. Repeat the same 5 v 5 Team Deathmatch with the same cycle if necessary.

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