Iron Curtain
Slot Primary
Type Rifle
Class Engineer


Special Effect "Chance to poison enemies"

The Iron Curtain is a custom Rifle.


The Iron Curtain is the custom version of the AK12 Rifle. Like its normal version, the Iron Curtain is fully automatic and has a magazine size of 32 rounds. However, the Iron Curtain has a higher Rate of Fire, as well as a chance to poison enemies.


Due to its high RoF, the Iron Curtain excels at ripping through enemies. A single magazine can take out three enemies if used properly. The Iron Curtain is an excellent all around weapon, capable of demolishing enemies at any range.


  • Possibly a reference to the "Iron Curtain" that split Europe. The AK12 is a Russian rifle, and the Iron Curtain was associated with Russia.
  • The Iron Curtain was a Machine Gun in SFH: Extraction.