Slot Primary
Type Sniper
Class Sniper


Blueprint No. Default, no blueprint
Custom Version Rehab
Intervention is a Sniper rifle. It is the first sniper unlocked and is also default weapon of the Sniper class.


The Intervention has really high accuracy. Aim for the head and you will headshot. However, it has low fire rate and damage. More shots are needed to kill the enemy. Its stats changed since SFH 2, because there you could easily one-shot one-kill an enemy. Fire rate is below average because it's not semi-auto like MK14 and G36R, but L115, for example, has far worse fire rate and ammo than Intervention.


Low fire rate is Intervention's weakness so a high damage SMG secondary is the best backup if a Gunslinger uses it since Snipers can't use SMGs. However you probably shouldn't even use Intervention with Gunslingers, because their starter weapons are duals. All blades work, especially Katana to finish off enemies quickly, because it can be difficult to control Intervention on close range.

Burst Module goes well with it's accuracy and allows you to finish enemies from one shot (burst). Burst Module is recommended for any sniper.

Being a starter weapon, all other snipers are more powerful than Intervention. After some time of playing with it, replace it with Lynx or L115, it depends on your playstyle.

Its custom version, Rehab is far more powerful.


Intervention isn't used by any specific enemies frequently in the campaign, enemy Snipers mostly use it's custom version Rehab. But in mission Veteran Heroes, Jyn uses this weapon for primary. This is because in that mission, all enemies use default weapons for their class.


  • In Strike Force Heroes 2, Intervention is capable of one shot kills which makes it the most powerful weapon in that game. Damage was lowered in this game possibly because it was considered overpowered and made Sniper class more powerful than others. It also made Jyn superior to his teammates, when he was in the mission.
  • It was Jyn's favorite weapon in SFH 2. He also uses it in Veteran Heroes mission.
  • It is present in every SFH game except the first one.
  • The Intervention in game bares no actual resemblance to the real life Intervention, manufactured by CheyTac. Instead, its appearance matches that of the Accuracy International AX338 rifle.

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