is an status effect.The attachment Nitrogen Rounds makes weapons have a chance to freeze the enemy. Standard weapon which always freezes enemies is the Freeze Ray.


Ice has unique effect on the soldier affected by it. It first affects the soldier who then starts glowing white. After few seconds, the soldier gets frozen in an ice rock and can't move or shoot. Similar to other status effects, you can easily kill yourself with Elemental weapons with freezing ability, and even with the Pulse Rifle, if you fire below yourself, close to the ground where you are standing, or to the enemy who stands close to you.

If an enemy, squadmate, or the player is killed while frozen on the ice rock, they will Body-Pop. (break into pieces)


If a weapon fires projectiles with chance to affect enemies with ice, it is written "Chance to freeze enemies" below it. If it freezes enemies with every shot, it is written "Freezes enemies"


Killstreak Satelite Beam freezes all enemies on the map. It captures them instantly in the ice rock, without few second wait before, but the player still needs to wait 3 seconds for the satelite to zap them.