Sfh 3 gunslinger

Gunslinger is a class which can be recruited after the first mission. They can use Dual weapons or Sniper rifles.

They can NOT use Blades (melee weapons) for secondary.

The Gunslinger symbol resembles the cyclinder of a revolver.


Gunslingers are powerful offensive class, but support class too, because their killstreaks boost up offensive power of the entire team. These killstreaks are RoF Boost and Critical Boost. Rate of Fire boost increases the team's rate of fire, Critical boost increases chance for critical shots. They have the highest chance for doing a critical hit out of all classes. The Gunslinger has two possible traits: Gun Play and Inspire. Gun Play instantly reloads your other gun when you kill an enemy. Inspire increases your nearby allies crit chance by 10.

They use dual weapons and sniper rifles, so they are excellent on long range. But mostly all weapons they use have low rate of fire, unless it's Uzi or FMG9 which fires like a submachine gun. Gunslingers cannot use the melee secondary weapons.

Gunslingers have the highest critical chance in the game, even 50%. They are better for close combat, as they can use powerful duals like Avengers and Ballers. However, AI's aim is much worse than Sniper's. AI gunslingers have the worst aim in the game. Snipers with accurate sniper rifles are more likely to kill you than Gunslingers.


RoF Boost - Increases fire rate of allies by 50% for 8 seconds.

Critical Boost - Like RoF boost, but it increases critical chance instead.


Inspire - Walking near allies increases their critical chance.

Gun Play - Killing an enemy instantly reloads the other weapon.


Column 1 (level 5) Utility Upgrades

Column 2 (level 10) Offensive Upgrades

Column 3 (level 15) Utility Upgrades 


Gunslinger class is unlocked after the first mission so that makes them the second class available to play in Strike Force Heroes 3, after the Engineer.

Max Statistics

Health 160
Critical 50%
AI Aim 4
AI Mobility 8
AI Agression 8


Gunslingers is female class. They all have hats similar to general's and gloves. 

  • Gunslinger 1 Variant - Leotard type outfit with stripes on the legs. Inspires by Cammy from the Street Fighter franchise.
  • Gunslinger 2 Variant - Police type outfit. Inspired by Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil game franchise.

Unique hero

Calamity is the unique hero for Gunslinger class, after being sniper rifles expert in Strike Force Heroes:Extraction. In the early part of the game, another unique Gunslinger must be recruited, and that is Sanchez. Although she doesn't look unique, she is due to her upgrade order. She is the only Gunslinger who uses defensive upgrades. However, it results in weaker offensive power, so Calamity is far more powerful than her.


The alternate uniform for Gunslinger resembles to the trademark uniform of Cammy from Street Fighter.


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