Going Streaking is name for the sixth Side Mission. The player fights against clone squad of Engi
neers, and beating it on Insane difficulty unlocks Nathan.


This mission is played on Street like every other side mission. You fight against enemy squad consisting of 4 Engineers. Special ability everybody has in this battle is that all killstreaks are earned 2x quick. Enemies' weapons are randomized. Enemies are all Engineers, which means that killstreaks they use against you (that are special part of this mission) are turret killstreaks: either Shotgun Turret or Rocket Sentry.


If you decide to win by sniping, bring a sniper with Wall Hack killstreak. That way you can stay in cover and reach everybody quickly, perfect for this map. Best weapon for snipers would be either Rail Gun or any fast sniper. Long range doesn't matter because everything is played on short.

You can also use classic way of winning the level by Engineer's rocket/grenade launchers by staying in one corner and waiting until enemies come to you. But if you want to win with least possible count od deaths, use Sniper with DSR1, and if you quickly get Wall Hack killstreaks (they are earned 2x faster), you can stay in cover all the time and use same playstyle as with MK32, and spam grenades from cover. Without getting hurt.


Normal: Random.

Hard: Random.

Insane: Nathan, the unique Engineer.


  • This is one of 3 side missions in which player fights against squad with only Engineers. Others are: Raze Protocol and The Hitman.

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